Cheta Cub Strip Grazer .2J Kit


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Comes complete with strip grazer, battery, geared reel and polywire
Geared reel has a heavy duty gearbox with a 3:1 ratio
400m polywire pre loaded onto the geared reel is 8 strand of stainless steel polywire
The very popular strip greazer comes complete with a 130 amp batter
Full kit that gets you up and running straight away with no extras needed

The Cheetah cub kit comes with the well known Cheetah cub strip grazer and all you need to get your fencing in action for the months ahead. The cub strip grazer comes with a 130 amp battery which is a must for all farm applications. The Cheetah cub kit also comes with a loaded gear reel that has a heavy duty gear box and works on a 3:1 ratio. The geared reel comes pre loaded with 400m of stainless steel 8 strand polywire. This Cheetah kit is everything you need to get the job done around the farm.