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Ectospec Pour-on is ideal for the control of Lice and Flies on cattle.

Application rate 10ml per animal. Available in pack sizes of 500ml and 2.5 litre.  

 Key Features

  •  No milk withdrawal period
  • For fly and lice control in cattle
  •  10 days meat withdrawal
  • Low dose rate 10ml/treatment


For the control of lice and flies on cattle.

Dosage and Administration

For topical administration as a pour on.

Fly control

Apply a single 10ml dose at the onset of the fly season and repeat as necessary at 5 to 8 week intervals. Frequency of administration may, however, have to be varied depending on the level and type of infestation. The 10ml dose should be applied at an even rate along the backline from the crown of the head to the top of the rump.

Lice Control

A single 10ml dose of Ectospec is normally sufficient to control lice. A few lice may survive on a small minority of animals. In cases of heavy challenge, if necessary, a repeat dose may be applied after 4 weeks. Remove the cap from the chamber and gently squeeze the required amount into the chamber. Release the pressure from the container and pour as directed. The 10ml dose should be applied at an even rate along the backline

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500ml, 2.5 litre, 1 500ml for €35 2 for €60


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