Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

Liffey Mills recognise the importance of corporate social responsibility and is committed to operating ethically and responsibly with a focus on sustainability and the environment. With over 70 years’ experience our business is closely integrated with the farming community across Ireland. Our aim is to significantlyreduce our environmental footprint within our operations while we continue to work with our customers on a collaborative basis to facilitate sustainable agricultural production.

We operate an integrated and sustainable supply chain, this includes 6 Quality Assured Branches which includes 3 Quality Assured Ruminant Mills, which ensures best practice in the production and supply of animal feed. In terms of sustainable raw material sourcing, we are a leading purchaser, processor of Native Irish Grain. We are committed to sourcing locally grown grain for the inclusion in our feed, which safeguards our supply chain whilst supporting local economy and reducing our food miles. Furthermore our use of innovative nutritional feed additives across our range have been proven to promote growth, increase feed efficiency which in turn reduce emission levels.

On the processing side, we are continuously striving to improve the efficiency of our facilities to conserve energy, water and other resources. We are actively playing our part to make our own operations more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. This includes installation of solar panels at our facility in Roscrea and switching to more efficient energy sources for our grain dryers. We have recently switched to LED lighting across all Stores. We also operate a recycling and reduced waste policy across all sites. We have been actively trying to reduce plastic usage across all sites, this has been aided with the increase in the use of Bulk Feed and Fertiliser in recent years. This ties in with the Lean Process we are currently rolling out across the company.

Our natural grass-based farming systems are recognised on a global scale as being highly carbon efficient and sustainable. With a team of agronomists, nutritionists and feed specialists with years of both academic and practical experience our aim is to promote sustainable agriculture by monitoring and advising our customers on the most efficient use of agri-inputs which are best suited to each individual farm. This is carried out by engaging with our customers and completing soil analysis to make sustainable nutrient management recommendations and formulating an optimal diet that will meet targets efficiently in a sustainable manner.

Concern for the environment and promoting a broader sustainability agenda are integral to our professional activities and the management of the Business. We have an ethical responsibility to promote good sustainability practises, to reduce the environmental impacts of all our activities and bring our customers on the journey with us. We will continue to review our sustainability initiatives on a regular basis to ensure our targets are met and exceed where possible.

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