Tillage Update

by Brian Daly 

A Trojan amount of work has been carried out over the month of May. As weather eventually came right it left a lot on the to do list, Spring Barley was sprayed, Winter Wheat received its flag leaf spray and Winter Barely received its final spray and the gates were locked until harvest time . Along with this, crops such as beet and maize were sown and also sprayed. Most crops of beet have received its first and second spray along with maize crops receiving its herbicide spray. Stay in contact with your local Liffey Mills Advisor when spraying in these warm and dry times, perhaps spraying in the evening times would suit best when there is some hope of moisture being present for a brief window.

As we look forward into June unless we start to get some levels kindness and a bit of rain spring crops might come under pressure. Products such as phylgreen at 1L/Ha or Delfan Plus 1L/Ha could prove invaluable to keep crops some way out of stress when applying its second spray. At Liffey Mills we are offering several different fungicides to use for the final spray on Spring Barley which include the following;

Innox Pro 0.5L/Ha + Serpent 1.0L/Ha + Mirror 1.5L/Ha

Velogy Era 0.8L/Ha + Mirror 1.5L/Ha

Macfare 0.8L/Ha + Mirror 1.5L/Ha

Winter wheat is progressing nicely as the head begins to emerge, we await flowering to go with our final head spray.

Contact your local Liffey Mills Representative with any query.

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