Tillage Update May 2023

Tillage Update

By Brian Daly B.Agr.Sc

This spring has proven an extremely difficult one as the weather hasn't given us much of break to get spring seed into the ground. As the days and weeks move on we should think of increasing our seeding rate from the historical 75kg/Acre to a strong 80+Kg/Acre as the growing season shortens it means less time from the crop to tiller so we need more grain sites in the ground.

Spring Herbicide

Once seed is in the ground the turn around to the emergence of seed and weeds will be minimal. Make sure to get out and walk crops and identify weeds once they start to appear as that will be the next job on the to do list. As we are in very wet times for this time of the year it is extremely important to be ready to go when the opportunity presents itself. Keep in contact with your Liffey Mills representative to have recommendations and spray ready to strike at the optimum time.

Winter Crops

For the most part winter crops are doing well with some crops experiencing small amounts of diseases creeping in, Rhynchosporium has been noticed in Winter Barley and bits of Septoria in Winter Wheat. The majority of winter crops got their first application of fungicide towards the back end of the month of April. Flag leaf will be appearing on most winter crops over the next couple of weeks and T2 will be applied once they appear.

Keep in contact with your Liffey Mills representative to keep on track of both winter and spring crops as they will start to jump through the growth stages.


Contact your local Liffey Mills rep for any further information.

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