What to Feed This Winter

What to Feed This Winter

What to Feed This Winter

By Mark Flannery & Willie Boland

As we settle into the winter we are fast realizing how much the landscape of markets have well and truly changed since this time last year. Beef prices are considerably higher but input costs have risen sharply in recent months also.

At present we are seeing huge volatility in straight raw material prices.  Due to extraordinary factors seen across the world, prices are varying on a daily basis.

While we are a large native grain buyer from our customers at harvest time which we use in our feed during the season, we still rely on the import of certain raw materials e.g. protein sources and digestible fibres.  It is mainly these products and the demand out there for feedstuff that is driving the uncertainty over prices for the coming season.

At Liffey Mills we have an offering of over 20 beef & weanling rations /cubes for the winter ahead covering all angles on your farm. Some feeds that will take center stage as always include:

Continental Beef

A dual purpose 15% protein feed used for feeding store cattle and finishing animals.

Liffey Mills Continental Beef Finisher

The addition of our exclusive feed additive Viandi is giving up to 10% additional live weight gains. Ideal for a 2kg – 6kg feeding regime.

Dairy Care 19%

Designed to drive younger stock this winter. Delivers on frame growth and weight gain.

Dairy-Care 19 Cube

Its protein is soya bean based and its main energy source is native barley. This is also ideal for feeding in-calf heifers as they push for 90% of their mature body weight at first calving.

Weanling Creep

Blended formulation that stands out from the rest, packed with flaked barley.

Liffey Mills Weanling Creep Ration

It’s 16% protein and is packed with lots of coarse energy & fibers delivering very positive results in terms of weight gains.

Turbo Maize

A 13% protein high energy maize based finishing ration, designed for ad-lib feeding.


The 30kg inclusion of our exclusive Optigest package, you are fully covered for minerals, vitamins, salts, bicarbs, pro-biotics and yeasts, allowing maximum intake with no digestive upsets.

All of the above mentioned feeds are available in a cube equivalent.

At Liffey Mills our team of nutritionists has our vast range of feeds formulated to achieve the highest possible UFL & UFV values using a composition of ingredients available to us, whilst working in strict parameters to ensure protein and fibre levels are matched accordingly, giving peace of mind that all of our blends are balanced correctly, include full rate minerals and can be fed at generous levels if desired.

For further information on our extensive feed range please contact your local Liffey Mills Branch, technical sales advisor.

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